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Rahul's Family

Samsung creates awareness around its virtual assistant, Bixby with a webisodes campaign - Rahul's Family.

In its latest campaign, Say Hello To Connected Living, Samsung is promoting its new tool –Bixby. For easier understanding, it is a tool along the lines of Siri and Alexa. The campaign videos are a series of 40 seconds webisodes called Rahul’s Family. It features a family of four that is shown using Bixby to surprise each other or get out of a pickle.

Here’s the first episode:


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The audience connect of this campaign seems to be high since the situations shown are very relatable.


Bixby also features services where you can watch online stuff from anywhere and it looks super cool!


All in all, this new initiative to engage consumers by Samsung looks appealing and very relatable. The brand uses storytelling to create awareness as it competes with the likes of Siri and Alexa. It will be interesting to see how Samsung manages to break the clutter.

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