Twitter recorded 12 million Tweets during #AsianGames2018


The #AsianGames2018 in Indonesia have ended and it played out on Twitter in a big way. Whether it was to celebrate victories, watch live matches analysis and commentaries, or to show support for athletes; people across Asia and around the world came to Twitter to see and share what’s happening with the event and to talk about it.

The closing ceremony was also something to remember. From the amazing fireworks, athletes and volunteers parade, to performances by national and international artists; #ClosingCeremonyAsianGames2018 succeeded to amaze the world, generating 1.8 million Tweets related to the event.

After 462 thrilling competitions from 40 different sports, Twitter compiled the numbers that illustrated the role that Twitter played since the event began on August 18.

Twitter became the platform where sports fans unite to share and find out what’s happening with Asian Games 2018. Fans share real-time updates from the courts in Jakarta and Palembang, as well as sharing enthusiasm while tuning in front of their TV or mobile devices.

The 2-week event generated 12 million Tweets, from the opening ceremony on August 18 until the closing ceremony on September 2.

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India sent more Tweets than any other nation, ranking 2nd after the host nation Indonesia, during the#AsianGames2018

Sports fans from different parts of Asia and around the world came to Twitter to talk about the event. Here’s a ranking of the countries who Tweeted the most:

  1. Indonesia
  2. India
  3. Japan
  4. Korea
  5. Philippines

Badminton was the most-mentioned sports of the event

Among the 40 sports being contested, badminton was the most mentioned on Twitter. Here’s a ranking of the most mentioned sports during the 2-week event:

  1. Badminton
  2. Martial arts
  3. Wushu
  4. Field hockey
  5. Sepak takraw


When something happens during the Asian Games, it happens on Twitter and hashtags have helped to galvanise some of the most important moments during the event. Here are the top hashtags about Asian Games during the event.

  1. #AsianGames2018
  2. #AsianGames
  3. #EnergyOfAsia
  4. #SuperJunior
  5. #ClosingCeremonyAsianGames2018

The conversation took place the past two weeks on Twitter. Check out the below Tweet Gallery with some of the interesting Tweets from the #AsianGames2018!