YouTube allows smaller creators to offer paid memberships

Paawan Sunam
Sep 20, 2018 09:23 IST
New Update

YouTube’s Channel memberships would now be available to smaller creators with more than 50,000 subscribers, who will be able to charge $4.99 membership fees for added benefits.

Previously it was only allowed to creators with more than 100,000 subscribers. The feature was initiated for gaming channels at first; the website has also recently launched a gaming destination.

The breakout of internet was followed by a flood of content on the available platforms. While platforms like YouTube provide opportunities to all content creators, prime players acquire their share predominantly probably because smaller creators’ content never hit the viewers’ radar.

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Smaller content creators also face challenges due to stringent restrictions put out by them which seem to be biased. As topics like LGBTQ, mental health and topics specified as taboo by the society are restricted by the platform and controversies relating to creators depicting such topics have led to the advent of regulations demonetizing the much-needed revenue of such creators.

If a video-sharing platform objects LGBT issues, civil rights issues and other matters concerning social issues they might as well object offensive videos, harassing & disturbing videos, videos containing misinformation and more as they widely float and are viewed on the platform.

Allowing smaller creators to offer paid memberships seems like a step to cover up demonetization of channels by such creators and few of them being kicked out of the Partner Programme.

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