Amazon ranks third behind Google and Facebook in US digital ad platfroms

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Amazon advertising

Amazon released it’s third quarter results and it’s advertising services have surprised the digital industry with the 'Other' segment that is primarily advertising going up to 135% from 2017 with $4.2 billion in revenue in the first half of 2018. 

Amazon now holds the third rank behind Google and Facebook in US digital ad platforms with 4.2% of market share of the US digital ad market, according to a research firm eMarketer. They also beat the expected revenue as the results were almost double the estimated projections.

Google and Facebook have been known to be supreme in providing advertising services due to their constant efforts in making targeted advertising more efficient and raise the conversion levels. Facebook, is even known to be used unethical ways for that matter.

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According to rumours and few reports published on digital advertising, a lot of advertisers are moving chunks of their advertising budget from Google and Facebook and investing into Amazon. The supremacy is seeing a shift as Amazon is on Facebook and Google’s back with a soaring rise proving that more and more advertisers are opting for Amazon as a platform to showcase their ads.

The platform has been floating in the pool of triumph since it has captured 49% of the US e-commerce market share and launched itself in various other countries along with commencing other products like Amazon Prime as well.

The e-commerce giant is also estimated to capture 7% of the US digital ad market in a couple years. At the rate at which the platform is rising, it may even capture double the estimation.

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