Google+ to take a corporate networking platform role after a security breach

Paawan Sunam
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Google+ security breach corporate platform

Google+ is converting itself to a corporate platform from a recreational one after revealing a security breach and less engagement.

Private data like name, email occupation, gender and age from Google+ profiles were accessed by developers due to an API. This API allowed developers and third-party apps to request or view access to such personal identification information of Google+ users.

In January Google decided to review and scrutinize all products to ensure privacy following speculations around major tech giants, one of them being Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. The platform had found and fixed the bug in March but revealed the incident in October.

Google has been a prey to political conjectures since accusations have been made by the US’ President that Google throws more light on his negative deeds and also by a few political parties that they suppress liberal news and project reports and releases in a negative direction.

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The decision of concealing these bugs and not making the news public might have been influenced by these occurrences.

Google has admitted that Google+ has just been a boulevard of broken dreams, probably since it’s inception. In a blog post, they admitted that 90% of the users’ session lasts for less than 5 seconds.

Transforming the platform to a corporate one might be an appropriate decision as there are not many corporate platforms in the market right now, most famous one of them being LinkedIn.

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