Arrow impresses experts with ‘Best is yet to Come’ campaign


Marking its 25-year long journey in India, Arrow launched a digital film titled The Best Is Yet To Come. 

Best is yet to come is conceptualized and executed by Arrow’s AOR, integrated agency What’s Your Problem Brand Solutions. The film encourages professionals today to do their best each day and stop at nothing, telling them how yesterday’s awards, promotions, successes are all yesterday’s, but today is a new day and the need to outdo oneself must never rest because the best is yet to come.

The film shows Arrow celebrating 25 years in India by dressing up corporate professionals who retired before Arrow launched in India. Thus evolved the idea of dressing up Mr. O. P. Khanna, an 82-year-old man to celebrate his past corporate achievements and his pursuits today, where he strives to be better than yesterday. And dressing him up is to showcase that even his best corporate look is yet to come.

Through this film, Arrow wants to urge the young or old, working or entrepreneur, sportsman or director; to continue their journey for perfection, knowing well that their best is yet to come.

Creative thought process

When WYP’s Strategy team shared this philosophy, they resonated with it personally too. “With Arrow’s team of designers, international stylists, make-up artists, and photographers, we set about making him look better than he’s ever looked before. We all realized that O. P. Khanna’s story was so inspirational, we just had to do justice to it by capturing its reality – at the same time Arrow is a fashion brand, and I think Prasad has managed to make it both, a fashion film and an emotional documentary,” said Amit Akali, Founder and Creative Head and Aditi Naikar, Creative Supervisor, What’s Your Problem Brand Solutions (WYP).

The campaign video is described as a live activation, captured on film by Director Prasad Naik and his team at Fusion films.

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Director’s Cut 

When WYP approached Prasad Naik with the idea he was really excited. He added, “I was also clear the film had to be shot in a real, documentary style just bringing alive Mr. Khanna’s true story – but it also had to look more beautiful and contemporary than any fashion film you’ve seen – which is why we flew down a German cinematographer from Portugal who specializes in these kinds of documentaries.”  

Social Media Buzz

The brand executed a contest on social media asking users to reveal their #BestIsYetToCome moment:

Apart from the contest and the digital film, there was no special activation carried out on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While the YouTube video has garnered 2k views so far, experts share views on the 3-minute film.

Anant Medapalli, National Creative Director – Makani Creatives

Arrow couldn’t have found a better way to show they’ve been around for 25 years and there’s more to come. The inspiring story of an unstoppable senior citizen works like a charm. The brand philosophy of constant innovation is weaved beautifully into the narrative. Here is sophisticated communication that reflects the class, maturity, and quality the brand stands for. The execution is perfect too. You relate to the performances and characters from the moment the first line is spoken.

Sunitha Natarajan, Senior Social Media Specialist, Social Panga

This is an interesting move by Arrow as a brand. Through this campaign, Arrow has successfully able to position themselves as an empowering brand with a successful 25 years legacy. Though the video is quiet long, the interesting concept makes it very watchable. Great deal of research and thought has gone out in terms of selecting the story and the way the video is shot is also pretty candid and cute thus making it very relatable.