Campaign Face Off: CenturyPly's #CPHeroeson vs GreenPly's #PujoForAll

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Durga Pujo Campaigns

The article puts spotlight on GreenPly and CenturyPly's recently released Durga Pujo campaigns narrating different stories, with a completely different social media approach.

With Navratri and Durga Pujo on, the festive fervor is in full swing and citizens have already started pandal hopping and gorging delicious ‘pujo prasad’. 

Two leading plywood manufacturers, GreenPly and CenturyPly both latched onto the opportunity to come up with Durga Pujo campaigns, though with different takes on it. While the latter has been an annual Durga Pujo campaign since 2014 through its series CenturyPly Heroes 2018, the former aims to bring forth a different perspective.

CenturyPly Heroes 2018

CenturyPly Heroes was an initiative started in 2014, to pay tribute to the real heroes without whose contribution a large complex project like Durga Puja, would not be possible. This year, the company decided to take the campaign national & reiterate their commitment towards the betterment of the carpenter community by recognizing their efforts and intense passion towards their work. The aim is to influence people to appreciate and respect the carpenters’ spirit and commendable artisanship, in reality. The short film has been timed very well with the advent of the festive season and has emerged as very touching.


In order to reach out to the carpenter community and recognize their worth, the video will be shared with CenturyPly’s all impaneled carpenters, contractors, dealers, distributors and employees.

GreenPly’s #PujoForAll

Greenply wants Kolkatans to sit back and take notice of its thought-provoking initiative, this Durga Puja season aimed to make the celebrations accessible for all. Over the years, with the evolution of lifestyle, we have witnessed the transformation of the way Durga Puja is celebrated in Kolkata. While generations have amalgamated themselves into the revelries in whichever form it has been offered to them, the question which however arises is ‘Has the festival been able to make room for all over the years?’


In a video spanning two minutes, Greenply takes the viewfinder around the city and captures what might be an eye opener for Durga Puja committees in and around Kolkata, irrespective of the grandeur it commands. The video features four citizens who may have been deprived of going out and soaking in the festivities due to physical limitations. While some are seen recollecting their younger days when they were not bound by limitations, some mention that since they are differently abled, they have only ever been able to take part in Durga Puja through their television sets.

Social Media Buzz

CenturyPly invited people to watch, like, share the short film hashtagged, #CPHeroeson. It is also been promoted through CPIL Website, social media assets, YouTube & other publisher’s site.

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While the CenturyPly Heroes 2018 - Hindi has garnered around 19k views, the Facebook post has 2k shares and 3k reactions overall.

However, there is no special activity executed on other social media platforms.

On the other hand, Greenply has gone all out in promoting the initiative across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. The official video has crossed 1 lakh views on Youtube.


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May the Sharodia festivities bring prosperity, joy and good health to you and your family. #pujoforall #GreenplyPlywood

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Experts take

Muddassar Memon, VP-Operations, iProspect: 

The campaigns – CenturyPly and GreenPly – have their own set of strong points. While CenturyPly campaign dwells on the aspect of how cost cutting is rampant even in traditional festivities, it tries to highlight the aspect of self-belief and coming together of people. The belief of a local carpenter inspires the entire colony to continue with Durga Pujo celebrations. A heart-warming, very inspiring campaign with very subtle branding.

On the other hand, GreenPly has presented an enabler campaign where they have highlighted how thousands of people miss out on Durga Pujo every year either because of old age or physical disability. They have acted as solution providers, by coming up with an idea of adding a ramp to the pandal stage via which people get be brought up through wheel chairs.

Great to see work which isn’t just talking about itself but the festival as whole.

Yashraj Vakil, CEO, Buzzinga Digital

Both campaigns have taken a very different approach. While Century Ply explores human emotions which rely on God on making things right. Green Ply has taken on themselves to make things happen. Both ideas are very strong and resonate well. However, execution of the Century Ply campaign is both poor and unimaginative. A powerful thought has been lost in verbosity. A seven-minute long video neither lends itself to Internet audiences nor to Internet marketing. The 2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report analyzed video marketing statistics more than 250,000 videos from 600 businesses and found out that more than 75% of all video uploaded in 2017 were less than 2 minutes indicating declining attention spans. While Green Ply's video is also long it communicates both the message and the initiative quite effectively. It has an amplification plan and a phygital execution. Green Ply's campaign hence in mind is a formula for recall and success.

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