Dove Campaigns that changed the course of advertising over the years

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Dove Campaigns

A look at prominent Dove Campaigns over the years and how they helped the brand create a strong voice.

We see advertising taking a distinct shape each passing day with imaginations soaking life, converted into actions to tell a different tale. The world of marketing is changing and changing for good. Or do we say it? It has become more competitive than ever before and marketers race against time to outperform competitors with distinguished ideas.

From the house of Unilever, Dove is one such brand that has constantly given some thought-provoking campaigns and have used them effectively in building the brand voice. Dove, found its roots back in 1957 and has created a legacy around real beauty, self-confidence, self-appreciation. Dove’s journey from ‘Simple face Test’ on TV to ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ on digital has been beautiful and has given concepts to ponder upon.

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Dove campaigns over the years, have spoken about the ‘Real You’ and 'Choose beautiful'. 

What do young girls think ‘beauty’ looks like? Dove India asked five girls to choose a face for the beauty feature of a fashion magazine.

Are you ready to choose and feel beautiful?

Does beauty come in one shape? 

What does the diverse beauty of India look like? 

Let's Break the Rules of Beauty series

What does beauty mean to you?

Women all over the world make a choice




What is Real Beauty for you?

Beauty is an all-ages show, isn't it true?

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