Infographic: Content Marketing: The journey from Casual Reader to Promoter

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Oct 11, 2018 07:42 IST
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With more and more marketers opting for it and thinking it the only way forward,  Content Marketing has gained momentum and is been revolutionizing the content creation space, altering data consumption patters online.

According to statistics, 54 percent of B2B marketers who didn’t use content marketing had plans to start in 2018. While 36 percent of B2B content marketers are “very committed to content marketing.” For B2C organizations, 66 percent of the respondesnts use content marketing.

Traditional advertising is no more advertisers' thing- its gone beyond it and paved the way for beneficial insights for developing successful content marketing campaigns.  The infographic mentioned below demonstrates how a consumer traverses the online reading space from being just a casual reader to being a contributor and a promoter once he/she develops a liking towards a particular blog, video or post through effective content marketing.


Joe is a netizen who is on and off his phone to check some interesting facts about his friends and what are they upto, also excited to know what's transpiring in the nearby locality and around the globe. While surfing the internet he is always on a lookout for things that teach him something that stays with him for a longer time and then Joe hgoes onto sharing the knowledge further with his friends. If ads disrupt his flow – such as a pop-up or video that starts playing automatically – he might even have a negative reaction to the ad.

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Sometimes, though, Joe comes across the kinds of content he already likes, only they happen to have been brought to him by a brand or a business. For example, he takes note of a real estate company that has curated a list of cool places in Joe’s new neighborhood. Maybe he’ll stop in their office down the street and see what it would cost to actually buy an apartment! He also sees an article comparing the price of a cronut to the cost of renters insurance. Lo and behold, renters insurance is something he needs.

The infographic was originally published here and was shared on Twitter by Alison Oliver, an IoT Innovator. 

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