#MeToo: Kartik Iyer, Praveen Das, Bodhisatwa Dasgupta and Dinesh Swamy step down: DAN’s official statement

Dentsu Aegis Network

In a heartening move, Dentsu Aegis Network, in an official statement announced that the four accused named in the #MeToo movement have stepped down from their positions.

Kartik Iyer and Praveen Das stepped down from their designations of CEO and MD respectively.

In a tweet shared by Sandhya Menon, a series of harrowing sexual harassment accounts, releasing disturbing details.

Bodhisatwa Dasgupta also stepped down from his designation of Sr. Creative Director, Happy Creative Services.

A couple of allegations against Dasgupta had surfaced earlier this week.

Dinesh Swamy too has stepped down from the position of NCD, iProspect India. Allegations of workplace misconduct against Swamy in his previous stints had surfaced.

The official statement from DAN read, “Dentsu Aegis Network has always believed in providing a safe environment at our workplaces which is free from any kind of harassments.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of harassment at our workplaces. Mr. Kartik Iyer (CEO) and Mr. Praveen Das (MD) have stepped down from their respective positions and responsibilities at Happy Creative Services.

Additionally, Bodhisatwa Dasgupta, Sr. Creative Director, Happy Creative Services and Dinesh Swamy, National Creative Director, iProspect India have also stepped down from their respective positions.”

With senior leadership of Happy Creative Services stepping down, DAN is said to have plans for the Agency’s future.

The #MeToo wave from the M & A sector left many speechless and disturbed. It is liberating to see that the courage of these women translated into a tangible action.

Social Samosa will be following up with agencies to understand how follow up actions are being taken to make the industry and safe and secure one.