Nourish Your Dreams: Kellogg’s campaign featuring Sania Mirza has an important message!

Nourish Your Dreams

How pretty would the world be without the shackles of stereotypes and the pressure of expectations! In their recent campaign, featuring Sania Mirza, Kellogg’s India features the expectant mother sharing a few words of love, liberating her soon to be born child of all worldly expectations.

Created in association with Culture Machine’s Blush, Nourish Your Dreams features a glowing Sania sharing a cherished moment with her to be born baby. In a moving message, Sania tells her child that they are free to follow their dreams and pick and choose their own calling. She urges the child to break free of the gender norms and shrug off the pressure. Sania shares that the child’s famous parentage in no way will hold him back and promises to always nourish the child’s dream.

“Kellogg as a brand, truly celebrates this rejuvenated mind-set of people who strive towards a better day and a better quality of life. I feel our brand partners in their daily triumph of eating better by providing them with the right nourishment for their day. Therefore, when I came across this opportunity, I thought it was a great way to celebrate #NourishYourDreams where a mother reassures her future child that she will continue to nourish his/her dream despite pressure from peers and society,” shares Sumit Mathur, Director Marketing (CMO) – India at Kellogg Company.

Breaking free of the clutter of norms and rules, the campaign is a celebration of freedom that parents now wish for their kids. Speaking to progressive parents who believe in their child’s dreams and nurture them to pursue the highest star, #NourishYourDreams is all about hope and aspirations.

Does the campaign click?

“The theme of the campaign is extremely positive and very relevant. It connects with the larger audience (mothers) and has strong brand connect too. It addresses biases very well and sends a strong message to provide a healthy and positive environment for children whichever gender they belong to,” said Rachna Anbumani, VP – Marketing, Lavazza.

Anbumani shares that believability of the campaign is high by usage of Sania because she has herself lived these values. This makes her the perfect role model with whom this generation’s moms can relate to. She also is very relevant for the newer generation.

The choice of Sania Mirza as the face of the campaign plays an integral role in the campaign. The fact that Mirza’s parents nourished her dreams, enabling her to become the Tennis legend that she is today, making the sports star an apt choice for the campaign. Further, Sania sharing a message with her a child makes for a goosebumps-worthy moment, doubling the impact of the campaign.

“It is probably unthinkable to see Sania Mirza in an avatar where she is about to deliver a baby. That’s very novel and gives a positive feeling. It generates a lot of curiosity on what she’s saying next and there is always a longing to listen to the thoughts and see the video,” shared Krishna Rao- Sr.category Head, Parle Products.

“If I look at it from an audience perspective, as a mother of a five-month-old, this campaign completely resonates with me. The phenomenon of undue expectations from the child, especially in India, is well captured here,” says Anvesha Poswalia, Digital Marketing, Asian Paints.

Poswalia explains that the fact that parents don’t own the child; they can be free individuals, making their own decisions comes out well in the video. “As a marketer, I see it as content that fits really well with the brand imagery of Kelloggs, targeted at young women, driving home the idea of nourishment,” she added.

The campaign has over 2 million views across platforms.

“The catchphrases used are insightful and real in nature and that is the real charm of the ad. It’s a pure film which the target audience of Kellogg’s can clearly relate to. “With the digital universe being cluttered with deep discounts this week, this campaign break, is a welcome change.” Shrenik Gandhi, Co-founder, White Rivers Media concluded.