Snapchat to launch Snap Originals containing short video series

Paawan Sunam
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Snapchat Snap Originals Video Shows

Months after Facebook launched Watch globally Snapchat is commencing original video shows called, Snap Originals that are vertical and customized to fit mobile phone’s screens.

With original narratives and storylines, these shows would be four to five minutes long. The platform has partnered with Hollywood’s beloved like Keeping up with the Kadarshians’ creators Bunim/Murray and Friday Night Lights writer Carter Harris.

Snap Originals covers an enormous orbit with shows like The Dead Girls Detective Agency; about a dead woman figuring out her own death(kind of similar to Happy Death Day), Endless Summer; a mound of endearment, Class Of Lies; two roommates deciphering crime cases and more shows patting different genres. Snap Originals is starting off with 12 original shows in total.

Snapchat Snap Originals Video Shows

Snapchat’s previous shows launched two years ago conveyed the scope to intervene the rally whilst Facebook launching Watch globally and Instagram coming up with IGTV.

As the concept of Snap Originals is original itself, formerly the concept of an episode being as short as four minutes has not been tapped, neither is launching a video series on a photo-messaging app. With audience leaning more towards Series and keeping their life on the go, Snap has blended both aspects essentially to gain viewership.

Few observers think that the length of these shows is too short but if a song can impact a listener in three minutes, there’s no reason for a video to not impact a viewer in four (given it’s well-assembled).

Snapchat has been exploratory in coming up with new features; the platform has built itself on Stories, a feature Facebook and companies owned by it have copied notoriously. The platform has been losing userbase in its recent years also leading to financial losses. An analyst’s prediction of Snapchat losing $1.5 billion in 2019, pulled their share price to $7 (lowest ever).

Snapchat partnering with Amazon to launch a shopping feature, and Snap Originals might renovate Snapchat’s collapsing structure.

Along with chatting in a snap, now users would also be able to perceive depiction in a snap.

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