Case Study: How Tata Salt's #MissingI used cross promotion to drive an important message

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Tata Salt Case Study

Brand Introduction

Tata Salt claims to enjoy a market leadership in the branded salt category with a 44percentt market share and reaches more than 148 million households in India. It has also been consistently named as one of India's most trusted food brands since 2003 (By The Economic Times Brand Equity's 'Most Trusted Brands' survey conducted by AC Nielsen). 


On Global Iodine Deficiency Day observed each year on October 21, The #MissingI multi media campaign grabbed the attention of the nation through all mediums like newspapers, TV Channels and social media platforms in an innovative way. Through the campaign, the letter “I” was taken off from tweets to news headlines in print and TV to create awareness and establish the importance of Iodine in the daily diet. 

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Problem Statement/Objective

According to WHO, iodine deficiency in foetal life and early childhood remains the single most important and preventable cause of mental retardation globally. Deficiency of iodine can lead to a multitude of health disorders such as goitre, hypothyroidism, miscarriage, stillbirth, congenital anomalies, infant and neonatal mortality, and impaired growth.  Iodine deficiency causes irreparable damage to the developing brain and is especially damaging during the early stages of pregnancy and in early childhood. It can cause a vast spectrum of mental disorders and loss of intellectual capacity.

On Global Iodine Deficiency Day observed each year on October 21, Tata Salt, reiterated the need for increased awareness on the importance of iodine in the diet and steps for tackling iodine deficiency.


To create awareness among the masses on the importance of iodine in the diet.

Creative Idea

Through the #MissingI multi media campaign, the letter “I” was taken off from tweets to news headlines in print and TV to create awareness and establish the importance of Iodine in the daily diet. Even the media kit was designed quirkily to build the curiosity around World Iodine Deficiency Day. The kit was in the form of a police FIR file which comprised of the press release, a periodic table with the missing I, fact sheets and infographics.  


To put the right context and start conversations around Iodine


-Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, any other social media platforms  

-Digital – SEO, ad words, ad placements, etc.

#MissingI in print: With the start of the high octane India v West Indies series on 21st October, Tata Salt took up the sports page of Hindustan Times and made the letter ‘I’ missing from the headlines as well as the HT masthead. Thus, the news without the missing ‘I’ was hard to comprehend. The missing ‘I’ from the news headlines and the HT masthead created an intrigue amongst readers and the same was revealed in the penultimate page.

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The innovative media kit was handed over to the media across key cities and the press release was disseminated across 9 cities which garnered over 80 coverages through earned media.

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#MissingI on digital: The same was replicated on Times of India website and mobile site in the Times of India masthead. Innovation was also done in the form of an ad unit that looked like a headlines block with the Missing “I”. There were ad spaces in the website page to draw attention to the missing ‘I’ and create inquisitiveness among the readers. The reveal was done once the readers clicked on the ad space. This garnered 16.6 MN Impressions.

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Amongst other digital assets, Cricinfo was also activated. Here again Tata Salt crowd-sourced the live twitter posts from the viewers who were commenting on the match but with a #MissingI tag to create awareness about Iodine. These tweets were showcased on the cricinfo page creating a doubt among viewers mind.

The campaign garnered More than 6.6 Mn impressions showcasing live tweets from Celebs and influencers enforcing the message of MissingI with a teaser and later reveal, and in context to match as well. This tapped the cricket lovers notice the banner with Celeb and other tweets. Cricket Enthusiasts like Navneet Mundhra, Ali Quli Mirza tweeted live, in context with the match scenarios with the MissingI.

#MissingI on Social Media: Notable personalities like Harsha Bhogle, Indian cricket commentator and cricketer, Gautam Gambhir also came out in support of this campaign and urged the nation to prioritize iodized salt over any other salt. They have also tweeted on the day about the #MissingI campaign to create awareness about the importance of Iodine. The campaign trended for around 17 Hours (over ~ 2-2.5 hrs trended at no 1 position during teaser) garnering around 20 K Conversations, with over 85.9 Mn Impressions.


#MissingI on electronic: Headlines on the prominent news channel ‘Republic TV’ skipped the letter ‘I’ for the day. This made the headlines hard to comprehend, intriguing the viewers. The reveal about the reason for missing I and the importance of daily iodine consumption was made post the headlines.


The campaign was a huge success, which garnered 85.9 million impressions showcasing live tweets from celebs and influencers reiterating the message of missing “I” with tease and later reveal, and in context to match as well.

The #MissingI Campaign was tending in Top 10 trends for the day nationally for the entire day and was also trending on No. 1 spot for an hour.

CMO Quotes

Speaking about the campaign, Sagar Boke, Marketing Head, Consumer Products Business, Tata Chemicals Ltd., said, “ In 1983, Tata Salt played a key role in the iodisation movement in the country by launching India’s first branded iodised salt. On Global Iodine Deficiency Day, we wanted to re-emphasize on the importance of Iodine in daily diet, in an engaging manner. The "#MissingI" campaign communicated the health benefits of Iodine through innovative media touch points.  We are committed towards catalysing the nation free of Iodine deficiency disorders, and making India healthy. Tata Salt’s genesis was in serving a national need, and we are proud that we continue to stay true to our motto of ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh ka Namak’.”

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