Jack Dorsey realizes Twitter's problem of filter bubbles and offers a solution

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter CEO

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, admitted to the problem of Twitter filter bubbles faced by the platform and says it can be resolved by people following topics and not individuals.

While making use of algorithms, there is a cognitive isolation that occurs due to assuming information that users would want to see and selectively giving information based on that assumption.

According to the CEO, Twitter contributes to filter bubbles and thinks they need to fix it. From his point of view, people only follow accounts that they agree with and probably wouldn’t prefer seeing tweets with an opposing point of view.

Twitter, has acknowledged issues of the platform, like previously taking a step towards banning dehumanizing posts.

People in general, after forming an opinion don’t like to be proved wrong even if the actual reality is different than their perceived reality. While a person has the liberty to stick to their opinion, not accepting opposing facts might hinder one’s cerebral evolution.

Humans have come a long way from inventing fire to inventing the internet, but the evolution is somewhere stuck between not being proved wrong whilst building a building on the foundation of lies.

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Social media is a major influencer in everyone’s lives these days, not just the younger generation but probably each person who’s old enough to use a phone or computer. This step by Jack Dorsey is worth an applaud as monitoring the influence of the platform and rectifying it is a major step as Twitter has a voice in the world and provides a voice to who have a hard time getting heard.

According to Jack, the solution to the problem is to provide a way for users to follow a particular topic and not individuals. This method might burst the filter bubble as users could follow the topics that are relevant to them & attain all views relating to it and have a choice to form an informed opinion.

All views are equally important, opposing or allied, and leaving the balls in the user’s court is a positive change in social media.

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