YouTube bans duplicate content and removes channels uploading it

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YouTube now would eliminate channels that duplicate content or reupload another’s content without adding value to it.

The platform is making efforts to promote original content and protect creator’s community from abuse and duplication. To initiate this, they are scrutinizing all YouTube Partner Programme’s participants(new & existing) and their content.

Even if you have licenses to use another’s content, but your sole motive is to monetize the channels, you would not be eligible to be a part of YPP as you are not adding value to the content.

Contributing to the content in some way adds value to it. If you upload original content, then there’s no question of duplication but if you are reuploading content, you can add value by showing your presence on screen or voicing over, hyperlinking your website, providing vivid descriptions and align your content with existing policies.

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If your content seems to be automatically generated, hauled from third-party sources, not uploaded by original uploader or is trying to get around policies, then your content and channel would be abolished from the platform.

YouTube would allow one to reapply in 30 days with updated content if they were removed from the programme. Their application would be reviewed and an informed decision would be made thereafter.

YouTube has been flooded with content in the recent years, though the platform has furnished scope for many underdogs, it has invited a lot of individuals using other’s content to monetize their own channels.

The platform has not thrown much light on the reviewing process. Numerous creators are not happy with the process, they accuse them of falsely removing their channels and the process taking too long.

YouTube channels duplicate content

This initiative is notable, but if the accusations by creators’ are true, the process should be rectified, as all content is inspired and a creator should create value with that inspiration but the thin line shouldn't throw creators' original content to the other side due to smears.

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