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Who are we?, a startup in the Digital media/Student influencer space, based in Mumbai that helps brands engage with the student community using the Frapp mobile apps and website.

Earlier this year, we launched Missions - a brand new feature for brands to engage with students. Using Missions, brands can onboard students to complete simple and fun tasks in exchange of rewards, certificates and payouts.

Our campaign team works closely with agencies and brands to help create, administer and run these Missions and has extensive experience in the youth marketing space.

Our average age is 23 and we have a team of 20 people based in Andheri.

What's in the name?

We’re an app first company that has a product (tech) + Campaign (agency) team.

Our app is called Frapp which is simple, memorable and catchy.

What we do?

We work with agencies and brands to create impactful campaigns targeting Generation Z and help companies achieve business goals by leveraging our student task force.

Using our dashboard, companies can create ‘Missions’ for various use cases. Some of our popular use cases are:

  • Students creating digital content on platforms like instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat
  • Students creating offline content such as art, reviews etc
  • Students working as campus ambassadors
  • Students working as micro influencers
  • Students testing products, providing feedback, filling surveys
  • Campus sampling
  • Driving discovery of landing pages, specific campaigns created by other agencies
  • Driving sign ups, installs and referrals
  • Contributing to hashtag campaigns
  • Students visiting stores, outlets or events

Why we do it?

We launched internships on Frapp in 2016 and saw that almost 50% of work opportunities created on Frapp were ‘internships’ creating with specific key business goals in mind.

Brands would often hire many interns, ambassadors or influencers but find it difficult to run these campaigns and most of the times they invariably failed.

Generation Z doesn’t trust ads, they trust their friends

This is our core belief and we saw a clear need to help brands run such campaigns.

We took our learning, experience and insights and created Missions which allows us to give complete control to brands + agencies on their campaigns and run them in a scalable, transparent and trackable way.

How we evolve?

We’ve been lucky to get plenty of feedback from leading brands as well as agencies.

Our product team is completely in-house and we are able to iterate fast.

Our organization culture promotes learning and we follow a structure wherein key information is freely and openly available to all employees of the company.

These factors allow us to stay ahead of the game and we constantly improve and optimize our product.

Social responsibility in social media

In 2018, it’s absolutely mandatory to be responsible as well as aware on social media. This is a learning process and predominantly has to flow from founders and senior management to the rest of the team.

We involve everyone in decision making and try and do our best when it comes to social responsibility.

Need of the hour

More awareness when it comes to tracking measurement and impact of campaigns, especially in the influencer space.

It is relatively easy to identify authentic engagement but brands and agencies often fail to do so. We are building internal capabilities for the same.

We learned the hard way

Creating a product in our space wasn’t enough.

We realized it’s imperative to have a full fledged team that services the needs of our partners and clients and takes up responsibility of the ultimate service delivery.

We’re in the process of growing our team and are hiring for various roles.

Did we just share that?

Sometimes things just go out of hand!

An e-commerce company had approached us to create awareness and amplify their digital marketing efforts for a discount program they were running.

The company was offering a gift voucher but had failed to put any minimum order size on the cart.

This meant that customers could use the voucher for a fully redeemable product at no cost and make unlimited orders.

Overnight, customers ordered thousands of free products and it turned into a messy scenario and a social media fiasco.

They work with us

Various brands as well as agencies have worked with us for student engagement.

Some of the agencies we work with:

- Schbang

- Social Kinnect

- Wat Consult

- Liqvd Asia

- Madison

Some of the brands we work with:

- Sony Music

- Starbucks

- McDonald’s

- Jet Airways


Industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media industry will continue to grow at a breakneck pace!

As more and more people come under the digital umbrella, we think that there will be a growing need of reaching geographically underserved areas and tier 2 cities and towns.

There is also the need to transcend the limitations of being english first and for supporting regional languages and culture.

Additionally, we feel that there will be a growing importance for more offline to online conversions and vice versa.

A day without Internet

A minute without internet and all hell breaks loose in our office!

Lastly, are you hiring?



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