Campaign Face Off: Oppo’s #BestDiwaliGift v/s Vivo’s #PhotoOfYourLife

oppo vs vivo

Vivo and Oppo are going headstrong in communicating the significance of blissful relationships during festive occasions like Diwali. Experts share which campaign did it right.

Oppo and Vivo have took it upon themselves to treasure everlasting bonds with loved ones with their Diwali campaigns. 

Oppo F9 Pro Best Diwali Gift

The Chinese smartphone maker is known for adapting the long-format route where it weaves a 5-7 minute long tale to build the brand competency in its ad campaign. This time is no different. Oppo India’s four and a half minute ad film aims to help the audience feel the love of sharing and preserving such precious moments with F9 Pro Starry Purple, also highlighting that how it is the best gifting gadget this Diwali.

The festive campaign narrates the story of Khushi who is an adopted daughter and visits an orphanage on the first day of Diwali with some gifts for the kids. Here she seeks to resemble her mother. The spot also tries to fit in its product core proposition ‘5 minutes charge gives 2-hour talking time’ while she shops for her family.

Diwali with Vivo India’s #PhotoOfYourLife

‘Have you ever come across a photo that floods you with several emotions everytime you look at it?’ asks Vivo India in its latest Diwali campaign which exemplifies the power of a picture that refreshes your memories and possesses the ability to make a gloomy situation merry.  

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One such photo became a Diwali miracle in the life of a father and daughter. The girl leaves no stone unturned in bringing her old Captain (the father) back after losing her mother. Finally, she stumbles upon one of his pictures being a part of a music band called The Falcons and decides to call his friends cum band members to get him out from his darkness. 

Social Media buzz

Oppo is made optimum use of digital media by playing around the hashtag #BestDiwaliGift and promoting the product on the onset of Dhanteras. ‘

Behind the scenes

Campaign for the new smartphone wad also driven by influencer marketing on Instagram

Vivo, on the other hand, didn’t do much on Instagram and Twitter while staying focused on promoting it’s Vivo Pro Kabaddi League on the micro-blogging site.

However, on Twitter, there was an influencer activity to create buzz around Vivo’s What’s @PhotoOfYourLife

While Vivo’s YouTube video has garnered 28 million views, Oppo has raked in 12 million.

Experts Take:

Darshan Bhatt, Director of GoQuest Digital Studios.
Having gone through both creatives, I found OPPO’s work to be far more engaging, compelling than VIVO’s. The OPPO film has been beautifully shot – wherein the characters of the film are well-written and it captures the human emotions exceptionally. The film has a lot of positives and it brings out the key communication of “you are our best Diwali gift” and “always keeps you connected” in a very powerful way.

The features of the phone such as a quick charge for 5 minutes can offer a 2-hour talk time have been integrated and shown very well in the film.  At no point does the integration seem like it’s a direct display or a hard-sell of the smartphone’s key features. The film resonates very well with the target audience and leaves a smile at the end of it.

Prateek N Kumar, CEO & MD, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
While both adverts are good, what tilts the scale in Oppo’s favor is the sheer emotion that it involves which encompasses many relations and not one, be it mother, father, sister, brother, aunt and even the shopkeepers. It is less verbose and more emotive while keeping the central theme of Diwali cheer alive all this while, and highlights focus on the features of the product… This one goes hand down to Oppo!
Rajavi Shah, Account Director, FoxyMoron:
While both the films have highlighted the relationship between parents and their children, there is a stark difference between the two. When it comes Oppo, the film is too long to establish a single feature of the phone that sticks with the viewer. The plot of the film is revealed within the first minute, hence reducing the intrigue value and making it very predictable. But, it brilliantly encapsulates the time and the festive spirit witnessed during Diwali. On the other hand, the Vivo film rides on a weak script and lacks originality in the concept. It also doesn’t highlight the spirit of Diwali as compared to Oppo. The only thing convincing about the film is the involvement of the seasoned actor as the sad widower.