Facebook Messenger now lets you Unsend messages

Facebook Messenger Unsend

Facebook Messenger’s newest update allows users to delete messages within 10 minutes of being sent. The feature may be called ‘Unsend’.

Text, group chats, photos, videos, links, and more can be deleted but the window of opportunity only lasts 10 minutes and you only have the option of deleting messages you sent.

Facebook Messenger

The feature is only available in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia, and Lithuania for now on iOS and Android. The feature may roll out globally depending App Store cut off dates, meanwhile the feature may be under development with new integrations like setting an expiration date for specific messages or entire threads.

Facebook will keep deleted messages until a certain period, in case they get reported, so that the feature is not misused by bullies.

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To unsend a message, tap and hold a sent message, select ‘Remove’, two prompts would appear, ‘Remove for everyone’ & ‘Remove for you’, on the lines of what WhatsApp’s current Delete For Everyone message.

A tombstone would appear in the place of the deleted message indicating that the message was retracted.

Facebook has 2.27 billion active users as of the third quarter of 2018, and Messenger had about 1.3 billion until 2017, according to the most recent statistics. Messenger went through a major redesign recently, and with the new update, even though it’s not innovative may keep the existing numbers in place.