#GlobalSamosa: Apple's Holiday Campaign is here to inspire you, if you doubt yourself

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Apple’s holiday campaign is an encouragement to all creators doubting themselves and their creativity, to share their gift.

The ad is kind of mysterious with a few hints and every viewer having one question, “What was in those papers she was hiding?” Various viewers, have various interpretations.

The ad begins with the protagonist working on something on her Mac, which she does throughout, takes prints of her work and stores it in her ‘Mystery Box’, which her dog accidentally helps to put them out in the world, she then realizes her doubts were rather her insecurities.

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Her creativity, is a mystery because it’s not sure whether she’s a writer, doodler or something else. The makers probably left it mysterious so that the video is relatable to all sorts of creators and not one sort specifically.

Although subtle hints like she moulding shapes with batter in the bakery and making shapes on the bus’ glass window says that she may be a doodler.

Background Score is an original song performed by Billie Eilish, written and produced in collaboration with her brother Finneas O’Connell.

The ad was launched with Billie performing the song in an Apple Store in Santa Monica, California.

Developed by Media Arts Lab & Buck Productions, the ad is a mixture of practical miniature sets and CG characters. The video got inputs from Jeff - Director of Photography, Richard – Associate Creative Director, Joe – Creative Director, Brooke – Animator, Amber – Fabricator and more.

Ryan - Executive Creative Director, mentioned that the sets could be made using CG but more time and efforts go in making it look hand-made, why they chose to actually make it to get that human quality.

The motive of the ad is to influence creators to come out and share their gift of creativity, also subtly hinting to use Apple products to realize their creativity.

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