Infographic: Writers of Instagram - #Shakespeare has over 2mn mentions on Instagram

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Infographic Writers of Instagram

The best novels, poems, and plays continue to captivate readers for long after the author passes away. From the famed tragedies and comedies of William Shakespeare, to the vast fantasy worlds of J.R.R Tolkien, and the clever witticisms of Oscar Wilde, certain authors truly stand the test of time, engaging readers for generations.

Edgar Allan Poe has had such an impact, the mysterious Poe Toaster visited Poe’s grave on his birthday every year for seven decades!

In the modern world, we love to talk and share about the things we enjoy on social media, with sites like Instagram giving us ample opportunity to show off our interests. And whilst we might be more familiar with posts on Instagram showing gloriously sunny holidays and great fashion choices, it turns out books are no exception! Hashtags like #bookaddict, #books and #bookstagram are dominating Instagram, making it pretty clear that we are still a world full of bibliophiles.

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We wanted to delve a bit deeper though and find out which famous authors are gone but not forgotten on Instagram. We’ve scoured the hashtags of Instagram to find out which writers are still being posted about despite having died centuries or decades ago. We’ve also looked at their most famous works to see which of their literature continues to capture the imagination. Whose work has transitioned best into a world shaped by social media? See all our findings in the infographic below!

Infographic Writers of Instagram

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