Case Study: A look at Mother Dairy’s content strategy

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Nov 15, 2018 07:06 IST
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Mother Dairy Ice Creams Content Strategy

Brand: Mother Dairy

Agency: WATConsult


With time it was observed that Facebook is witnessing a decline in organic reach which in return is, somewhere, increasing the difficulty to grasp the attention of millennials - the core target group of Mother Dairy Ice Creams. It was also seen that until and unless a brand has a real-time connect with the desired group of audience it is a bit tough to achieve the required results.


The brief was to mark the presence of the brand among the millennials, who avoid watching ads, with limited ad spends and at the same time, develop and implement ways to improve organic numbers with the audience on Facebook too.

Creative Idea

The brand analyzed current topics that the targeted group was interested in talking/reading about and created some real time posts that could develop the connect well. These ‘moments’ revolved around some trendy memes, international shows, popular TV Series and a lot more.

The thought and tonality of each creative was designed keeping in mind the synchronization between the brand and the viewers, thus striking the right chord. Considering time is of an essence in moment marketing, the turnaround time was crucial and bang on.

To summarize, the approach behind this route of moment marketing is to build a Connect with the audience, strengthen that Community and curate content with Fun Quotient because of course, it's Ice Creams! With simple art, some copy and limited but precise ad spends!


Mother Dairy Ice Creams came up with a minimal visual using the cone and built the whole visual from scratch. Since the visual was the hero, the brand focussed on keeping the copy simple and to the point.

Nun Movie: The creative was made to look like the poster of the movie and copy stating that nobody likes it when an ice cream is finished. The product, The Chillz Premium Bar was also used here.

Asian Games

Kiki Challenge The brand created a pun on Kiki and asked people to love theirIce Cream Cake. While this would go on to catch the attention of the audience, Mother Dairy Ice Creams integrated a subtle but clear message in the form of a Hashtag, exactly in the centre of the creative so nobody would miss it. The message being, #SayNoToKiki

Fathers never stopped loving ice creams. They may not eat them as much as their kids, but when they do, they really enjoy it. Based on this insight the brand created a copy stating that ice creams always brought alive the child in the father.


World Environment Day

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Race 3 Trailer got most of the audience reacting to Daisy Shah's Dialogue and as the dialogue became more viral on a daily basis.

Another meme that made rounds was the Ghar Se Nikalte Hi Meme.

When Srikanth became the world No1 badminton player, it was a proud moment for the entire nation.


The creatives, trending content and the timely execution gave the brand a significant increase in engagement of more than 40% organically and 78% change in brand sentiment, on Facebook alone. More than 4000 earned fans in 1 fiscal year.

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