Snapchat launches Friendship Profiles to hold content users save in Chat

Social Samosa
Nov 14, 2018 05:57 IST
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Snapchat Friendship Profiles

Snapchat Friendship Profiles are aimed at celebrating relationships with close friends.

The Snapchat Friendship Profiles hold the content Snapchatters have saved in Chat with a friend or a group of friends, including images, videos, messages, links and more -- all in one place. Friendship Profiles will also display your Snap Map location (if you’ve chosen to share your location).

Snapchat Friendship Profiles

Think of Friendship Profiles as the home of your relationship: each one will be unique, highlighting the most special moments you've shared. The more you share and save together, the richer your profiles will be. It’s the fastest and easiest way to find the highlights of your friendship, favorite memories and important information you’ve saved over time. Friendship Profiles showcase relationships privately, unlike other services that emphasize public sharing.

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Just tap on a friend’s Bitmoji to find your Friendship Profile. Starting on Tuesday, November 13th, Snapchatters globally will see Friendship Profiles roll out slowly over the coming weeks.

Snapchat Friendship Profiles

Bitmoji Stories are a new comic strip starring Snapchatters’ own Bitmojis, with guest appearances from friends! Starting on Wednesday, November 14th and continuing over the next several weeks, find new episodes each week right in the Discover feed. At launch, Bitmoji Stories will be available in English only.

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