Swiggy’s delivery partner-focused #WhatsInAName strikes a chord

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Nov 29, 2018 06:17 IST
New Update

Swiggy follows up its 4-year anniversary film and Diwali campaign with yet another delivery partner-focused video.

The online food delivery platform has launched its fourth delivery partner-focused digital video- #WhatsInAName. The video was conceptualized with the intent of enabling consumers to empathize with Swiggy’s delivery partners and highlight the dignity of labor in what they do. The campaign also seeks to inspire a sense of pride amongst the delivery partners in their role as hunger saviors for millions of Indians.

The thought-provoking video aims to sensitize consumers about how very often, albeit unknowingly, we tend to overlook the human element in our daily transactions with delivery partners.

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Conceptualized in-house, the video seamlessly blends a layered narrative about one’s identity. It showcases an intriguing flashback about the delivery partner’s name, and juxtaposes it in the present day, wherein it has become a practice to address them simply as “Swiggy”. The video, through Swiggy’s trademark understanding of consumers and delivery partners, conveys a powerful message that delivery partners - like each one of us - have a name and unique identity that they would like everybody to acknowledge.


“Lakhs of Indians interact with Swiggy’s delivery partners each day. Our partners take unknown turns to reach unknown lanes to meet strangers with a smile on their face. The irony: they always remain unknown to consumers, very often just referred to as “Swiggy”,” said Srivats TS - VP Marketing at Swiggy. “With the #WhatsInAName video, we want to change that and bring more dignity to the job our hunger saviours do. We’re glad that the video has struck a chord with so many users and hopeful of a day very soon, when our partners are acknowledged with their name and unique identity.”

The video has been receiving a lot of love on social media, with many consumers making it a point to call Swiggy’s delivery partners by their name. You can view this video below:

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