Twitter expands reporting options

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter report top latest tweets

Twitter users can now flag tweets from bots, report the ones they find related to malicious links or unrelated hashtags and pinpoint spamming replies, as Twitter improves reporting options.

You can report individual tweets or profiles as well as, media for violations. Along with spams, you can report abusive content, pornography, impersonations, violent threats, system abuse, unauthorized use of copyrighted materials and more of such acts of disobedience towards the platform. 'Report' option can be found by tapping on the down arrow on the top right corner of a tweet.

Sensitive content can also be flagged, once flagged, the content would come to Twitter team’s attention but would not be automatically removed or show a warning message.

With elections coming up and being executed currently in different parts of the globe, spam by bots, conspiracy theorists and the ones motivated to influence politics by unethical methods would rise, disrupting Twitter’s services. As the number of potential spam accounts on the platform have been increasing despite of their efforts since 2014 like BotMaker, a system they built to defend the platform from unsolicited content.

Twitter report top latest tweets

Twitter has become more than a social web, by being a significant means of mass communication as broadcasters and publishers use the platform to outspread information, news being primary. The platform poses to show what’s happening in the world right now.

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Speaking of which, Twitter’s recent attempts to transform their feed to a more likable one by users is turning out to be a bit more contradicting as they have been pushing to show top tweets to users instead of latest tweets. They now concluded that sometimes users want to see the latest tweets first, so they are testing a feature on a small scale on iOS letting the users switch between latest and top tweets.

As Social Samosa previously reported them testing the ‘best tweets’ feature, for which they received backlash from few users, as they mentioned the platform cannot know the best tweets for them by basing it on algorithms, so now they have a feature rectifying the previous one.

Twitter report top latest tweets

As Twitter is convenient to use for people on-the-go, probably defaulting latest tweets may not be a bad idea although an option providing a switch between latest and top, wouldn’t harm and Twitter may be able to satisfy both kind of users.

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