WhatsApp tests a new feature on iOS, showing a preview of a video received

Paawan Sunam
New Update

WhatsApp is testing a new feature which lets users see the preview of a video in the notification bar itself, without opening the app.

WhatsApp has not officially announced any tests or roll-outs although the feature is being tested on iOS Beta version, as majority of the users coming across this feature are using the OS mentioned thereof. Few users using the App Store version have come across this feature too. The feature has not been seen on Android.

The feature can be turned off, if you do not wish to see a preview on the notification bar. As few users or you might not be comfortable with a preview being showcased of an embarrassing video, when there might be lurkers around.

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WhatsApp notifications currently show a few lines of text along with the sender’s name, in case of media like photos or videos, the notification just says ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’, moving further if the tests are successful, the notification would show a preview of the video.

The feature is not constructive as it takes one tap on the notification to see the video, so a preview doesn’t make any sense.

WhatsApp recently tested PiP on Android, which allowed users to watch a video in a small window while navigating through the app. So they’ve been making changes to the video-viewing experience on the platform.

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