Why Titan Octane’s take on masculinity works…

Titan Octane

The latest campaign by Titan Octane- ‘Be A Sport’ presents a modern take on masculinity and experts are all praises for the thought.

Men today are no more liable to the roles and definition of ‘masculinity’ set by the society in the previous generation. The campaign is a result of the consumer understanding of the evolving role of modern men. As an extension of this campaign, towards Men’s Day on November 19, Titan Octane came up with this almost 3-minute long digital film that captures the new version of masculinity.

About the film

The campaign conducted a vox pop with a cross-section of men to get a sense of what the modern man stands for today. The views expressed reiterate the fact that men today are not bound by the earlier definitions of man.

Campaign Insight and Objective

Titan Octane wanted to craft a brand world which would appeal to the modern Indian man. The insights were mined after a fair bit of research to really understand the motivations of the man in this ever-evolving social landscape. 

Suparna Mitra, CMO, Titan Watches commented, “Titan Octane is a reflection of the new Indian male who is comfortable with his beliefs and is not weighed down by the role his predecessors had adopted. The new age man is open to freely expressing his emotions. He has the sense of humor to laugh at himself. He doesn’t fear failure. He isn’t intimidated by the success of others around him. And he has become a man who is comfortable with the evolving sense of masculinity.”

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Creative Thoughtprocess

Titan’s “Be A Sport” campaign is culturally relevant to the current conversation around gender and identity in India. Through the content, VICE India constantly aims to shape, build and support cultural conversations in the country by speaking the language of the youth, our consumers. “We were happy to be a part of the content conception and are hopeful that it will provide a platform for the new age voices of men across India,” said Samira Kanwar, Head Of Content, VICE India.

The brand asked netizens to share what signifies masculinity for them on social media.

The hashtag #BeASportWithOctane trended on Twitter; it reached to 5 million-plus users and had around 2k tweets.

Titan Octane as a brand, over the years, claims to have always embodied the sporty and energetic side of the modern Indian male. The new Indian male today has now evolved into a man who is not bound by the role defined by society and what has been passed down to him over generations.

Expert Review: 

Muddassar Memon, VP- Operations, iProspect India

Titan found an interesting and striking idea to communicate with the masculine side of the society in a very quirky. Without being preachy, they questioned the traditions and perceptions men have about themselves or the society wants them to have. The message they conveyed was that it is alright to feel, do, think what they want to but it is more important to be a sport than winning one.

Shukthi Sarma, Content Specialist, BrandLoom Consulting

The digital campaign looks interestingly at the new Indian man who is not tied down by insecurities, and who is aware of the dangers of toxic masculinity. Instead, like true sportsmen, they are moving forward. Today, when the ideas of gender and identity are being re-examined, these men are comfortable in their own skin and welcome the freedom that the modern world offers.  The “Be a Sport” campaign shows that the modern man who is evolving and can express himself in positive ways.

A good sportsman is one who recognizes his faults and works to get better. Titan Octane’s “Be a Sport” champions the spirit of sportsmanship and salutes new Indian man, who believes that being a sport is more important than wanting to win it.