YouTube is testing ad-pods; two ads back-to-back

YouTube ad-pods

YouTube is testing YouTube ad-pods; two ads are shown back-to-back with the option to skip it, if it’s not relevant to the viewer which might lead to less interruptions later.

Ad pods would first be rolled out on desktops, then mobiles followed by TV.

YouTube wants to give their users’ a perfect viewing experience and hence they adapted to three new viewing trends longer viewing sessions, more self-directed discovery & watching on TV screens.


YouTube’s experiments with ad pods showed 40% lesser interruptions after tweaking ad pods. Ad pods also bring good news for advertisers as these experiments also conveyed 8-11 percent increase in unique reach and 5-10 percent increase in frequency.

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YouTube alike Facebook and Google is including ads in it’s temperament with rolling out ads upto 20 seconds long non-skippable ads and vertical ads.

The platform says that they want to give users a “perfect viewing experience” but that became impractical when they decided to show ads whenever it was possible.

Longer-viewing sessions showed multiple ads, ads would be shown before, during and after the video and the platform began showing longer ads, also when users browse through desktop, once tapped on a creator’s channel YouTube automatically starts playing a video without the user’s permission.

YouTube’s such quests have rather made the viewing experience imperfect. What do you think of ad pods? Let us know in the comments below.