Facebook is introducing new features to the Camera in Messenger


Facebook is adding Boomerang, new fonts, color backgrounds, camera modes like Normal, Selfie, Video & Text along with AR filters, holiday-themed stickers, masks and features.

Boomerang first came out as a stand alone app, and is without doubt the most popular filter on Instagram and has now debuted in Messenger.


Selfie mode adding extra glow to the subject and blurring the background is available on Messenger now.


Augmented-reality stickers are catching up with filters, as it’s getting popular among users. These stickers can be dragged and placed wherever you wish in a photo or video. As users like to add text to a photo to personalize it, it’s easier with the new available features.

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Holidays are a versatile theme, be it advertising campaigns, customizing products or services and even filters and stickers. As the holiday season has dawned upon us, so have the holiday-themed AR filters & stickers.

Filters & Stickers have caught a lot of traction, since its’ pioneers Snapchat introduced it to the world, and Facebook and Instagram duplicated it.

Snapchat’s announcement of building brand-specific AR lenses was a step ahead in the Filter game, and now Facebook is catching up with theming filters around seasons.

With all the new updates & released features, Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app anymore and Facebook is not just a social-networking site. They both’ve each others features, and have lost their individuality.