Snapchat announces launch of Lens Creative Partners program

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Snapchat Lens Creative Partners program

Snapchat Lens Creative Partners program will build AR lenses specifically for brands. The partners comprise of certified creators, agencies and expert individuals who have been building AR lenses for Snapchat.

The program is initiated with the motive of smoothening the process for brands to create and run sponsored AR. Brands can collaborate with individuals or agencies like Objectspace Digital, Celtra, Adaptly and more who are a part of the program. The platform expects more than a hundred more creators to hop on.

Snapchat has always been innovative, be it introducing new features or being a platform as a whole. The concept of ephemeral Stories, which is a major trend right now was pioneered by them along with recently launched features like Snap Originals, Cat lenses, Visual Search (in collaboration with Amazon).

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Integrating brand-specific sponsored AR lenses on the platform is another ingenious step from the platform.

Previously, during the promotions of the motion picture Venom, they had come up with the #Venom lens.

Snapchat’s lenses, can be considered their most iconic feature, with the launch of Lens Studio, where anyone can create a lens, Cat Lenses and now with this program, they are trying to outdo themselves, also monetizing itself in the course.

Snapchat may have been losing users recently, but it may gain momentum again.

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