Facebook Report: What can billions of conversations tell marketers about planning for the year ahead?


In the 2019 Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ, Facebook shares insights on the many topics of conversation that grew on Facebook in 2018 and what they suggest will matter in the year ahead.

By understanding which topics are seeing growth on the platform, marketers can anticipate potential shifts in the world around us, including the foods people eat, products they buy, media they consume, physical activities they engage in and ways they spend their time.

They’ve grouped these findings across seven distinct categories: Beauty & Fashion, Commerce, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Mind & Body, Science & Technology and Travel & Leisure.

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This year, they found a few macro currents running across disparate categories. Food has taken on a new life beyond cuisine as people explore the functional benefits of specific ingredients. Eco-consciousness is driving purchasing decisions in the worlds of beauty, fashion and travel. And they’re now seeing the decentralization of traditional models in things like exercise, shopping and even screen time.

As a new feature in this year’s report, Facebook invited leading global trend spotters at the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, PSFK and Stylus to provide their perspectives and commentary on various themes and topics, and what they mean for the year to come. The full report can be downloaded here.