Facebook tests new features for Users and Group Admins

Paawan Sunam
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Facebook is testing a few features and continuing to redesign. They are now testing a Hobbies feature and card-like profile views.

You can now add your hobbies to your profile bio, along with the previous options like education, place of employment, location, and more.

Facebook has kept personalizing the platform throughout its existence. Adding hobbies was probably the only thing left, that would include the personal information you may choose to publicly share on the platform.

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The platform has also revised the profile section giving it a cleaner look and card-like view.

Facebook is also testing filters for Group Admin’s activity on the mobile version. There’s not much clarity provided on what these filters might help with, but Facebook might update us soon.

With a growing number of groups on Facebook, execution of discussions and other activities might be a hassle. The platform might have modified the segment to smoothen the process.

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