#GlobalSamosa: Elkjop's Christmas advert is more than an advert

Paawan Sunam
Dec 13, 2018 03:23 IST

Elkjop’s long-format ad is far different than a Christmas Carol, it’s emotions that have been brewing since decades in a barrel.

The video starts with the turning point of the story, a plane crashing. Fast-forward to beginning the narration of a saga by a distant (presumably) granddaughter. Depicting adventures that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat and teachings that would stay with you all your life, like it did for his granddaughter.

The advert is created by DDB Nord, directed by Rune Milton and music is by Jonas Larsen.

The ad is beautifully shot and put together. The chronology of timelines maybe confusing to some viewers but was probably needed, to arrange the sequence of events metaphorically, focusing on the resemblance of traits shared between grandpa and granddaughter.

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Gifts in today’s date are materialistic possessions, ‘expensive gizmos’ or flashy stuff that one could boast about and the more expensive the gift, the more ‘thoughtful’ it is, has become the most followed notion.

This advert reminds us that gifts along with being of one’s interest & surprising, it should also be thoughtful and relatable.

The gift given by grandpa to his granddaughter was surprising, and something that the little girl was crazy about. The stories & struggles and the legacy & lessons was what the gift stood for.

The drone wasn’t a gift, it was more than a gift.

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