#GlobalSamosa: Ruavieja’s present-day advert will keep you glued to the screen


Ruavieja’s latest campaign seeks to enlighten users how verbal conversations are fading away in the light of increasing usage of black screens.

Our companions are all we’ve got, friends, family or our partner. They maybe an important part of your life, the only friend you’ve got, you must’ve even got the same tattos together.

Sadly, routines, distance or time came in between, and you all might have grown apart.

Although, the real reason is not routines, distance or time, it’s the growing relationship between you and the black screen that’s tearing all your relationships apart.

Using a tool, you can calculate how much time you have left to spend with your loved one, once checked, the results would shock you.

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Time is like one of those things, whose importance you won’t realise until it’s gone. Phones, television, and computers have become incorporated in our lifestyle to the point that the only reason your daily average time spent staring at a screeen would be below 24 hours is because there are only that many hours in a day.

The advert is by the agency Leo Burnett, directed by Felix Fernandez de Castro, the production house is Tesauro. Spanish National Institute of Statistics, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and AEVI Videogame Industry Yearbook & Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report, were the projected data’s sources.

Ruavieja, a herbal liqueur company, executed one of those campaigns that keep the notion of selling products aside and take up a social issue.

If time is money, you are in debt, and Ruavieja’s advert explains that well.