Infographic: 44% flight shoppers say they used Facebook Family of Apps to discover flights

indian travelers data

Indian Travelers Data – Facebook shares some information about how customers are taking the digital route while planning to fly as 60% of flight shoppers use Facebook to view travel destinations and activities.

65% users of Facebook Messenger, use it to chat with friends about the trips they’ve been on. Facebook & Facebook-owned Instagram is a platform to showcase your Holiday-pictures, which influences or inspires travel plans of their friends and followers.

Marketers can use this data to construct a user-friendly module that can help & support a customer from the point they plan a journey until post-purchase engagement.

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Travel experiences are widely shaped by a customers’ engagement on social media especially Facebook. An advert displayed at the right time can make a user form an impromptu plan.

According to the statistics shown in the infographic below, flight shoppers use the digital service in almost every step of their trip, so marketers along with promoting their products & services, can also provide support on Facebook to provide a more personalised experience.

Glance through the infographic below to create more customized travel services.