JetPrivilege’s ‘Your passion can take you places’ evokes mixed reactions

Your passion can take you places

The world over is filled with passion, ambition, and dedication towards one’s work and goals. Integrating this thought process in it’s latest campaign, JetPrivilege showed the world how ‘Your passion can take you places’.

The thematic brand campaign ‘Your Passion can take you places’ is aimed at accelerating JetPrivilege’s members’ dreams and aspirations.

Creative Thought process

Be it travel, photography, music, astronomy, food, shopping or simply our job, most of us are passionate about something. So, wouldn’t it be great, if someone rewarded us for doing what we love?

The central thought of the campaign is that there are almost as many different passions as there are people and many have more than one. Reflecting the brand ethos,  it focuses on how dreams are important and how JetPrivilege is a catalyst towards realizing them.

Campaign Objective

With the aim of demonstrating the programme’s relevance to audiences’ lives beyond flying, JetPrivilege through this campaign attempts to create a shift in perception and enlighten potential members about how they can interact across various programme partners and accelerate their JPMiles earning. This, in turn, motivates existing members to engage with the programme across activities with a brand that understands and cares about their passions.

About the campaign

The campaign encourages individuals to cultivate and pursue their passions while acknowledging and taking the onus of enhancing their role beyond just a transactional business-consumer relationship.

One of the films tells us the story of an entrepreneur who is required to take regular air miles for work commitments. While the other two talk about the passion of a Junior Astronomer and an aspiring Photographer. 

Commenting on the campaign, Manish Dureja, Managing Director, JetPrivilege, said, “Our campaign resonates with the sentiments of our target audience as it acknowledges every individual’s unique dreams. As a brand, we want to encourage, fulfill aspirations of our consumers by creating memorable and rewarding experiences.”

In spite of digital-first approach, the campaign isn’t promoted or disseminated through social media.

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The various facets of the campaign will be brought alive through a Digital and Mobile first approach.

However, it is worth noticing that the campaign has been launched when Jet Airways has found itself amidst some serious crisis. Whether it be the clearance of staff dues or customer refunds, the crisis has not deterred the company in rolling out campaigns that show their love for passion through the advertisements. Some would call it well-timed, some wouldn’t. 

Experts Speak:

Abhsishek Jain, Founder, DG Avatar Media

“The campaign gave a smart connect to a very basic but genuine topic called ‘Passion’. It was interesting to see how Jet Privilege card was plugged in with the passion of exploring the world in 3 different forms of life.

Initially, it looks like an exaggerated commercial but it stays in your mind after you watch. So, completely it is a new idea to give purpose behind the product.”

Mallika Kejriwal, Founder & Creative Head, The Design Bay Studio

“I thought overall it’s a very cool campaign – my passion takes me places is a great way to present it. The dialogue is in the form of a poem and simple. The shots are also really well done.”

Karthik Srinivasan, Digital Marketing Communications Consultant 

Srinivasan on his blog goes onto mention that he has a much bigger problem with one of the 3 films in the campaign, made by Dentsu India. Further he writes:

“The film makes it look like overworking is some kind of hobby or aim in life, if you consider the other 2 films in the series – Junior Astronomer and Photographer. Overworking, or giving up your life for an employer, is not fashionable. It may be hugely beneficial monetarily, of course, but it is not a sustainable or scalable method to lead one’s life.

So, Jet showing us the sad face of the child and the wife even as the husband lives a parallel life is not even something worth showing. I still remember a colleague in one of my earlier workplaces who used to be just this film’s lead. At one point he got a jolt of his life when his young daughter drew a family picture for school and she didn’t even include him, the father. When asked, she said that father is never around anyway, so she didn’t bother to include him in the picture!

This film is both poorly conceived and badly intended. That’s just my view. But I fully understand that such people’s priorities are different from mine. But, organizations all over the world are thinking on these lines too. It’s not an isolated sentiment.”