Snapchat launches Solutions in a Snap, for businesses

Paawan Sunam
Dec 12, 2018 10:32 IST

Snapchat is launching a video-series called 'Solutions in a Snap', where users can see experts talking about the subject of steering businesses on the platform and growing it.

Snapchat being one of the popular social media app, attracts brands and businesses to use it for marketing their products. Developing the right strategy, selecting the right tools, using the right products and more can be a hassled thought.

Hearing experts speak about such subjects would bridge the gap. The added benefit is that the experts are from the platform itself, adding the credibility factor to the information.

Solutions in a Snap, would have different individuals from Snap’s team talking about their area of expertise. The first episode features Kathleen Gambarelli, Product Strategy.

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She talks about various ad solutions developed with e-commerce brands in mind. Stating various facts relevant to gaining or growing your business.

Story Ads, Snap Ads, Collection Ads & Ad Manager are few of the new tools and ad formats Snapchat offers. The expansion of innovative ad formats is something that no other social media platform has dived into and with Snapchat’s demographic being heavy shoppers, the new ad formats might appeal to the users.

Once you specify your objective the process to target, measure and optimize would probably be easier by watching Solutions in a Snap's insight.

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