Snapchat to introduce Lens Challenges

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Lens Challenges

Snapchat's Lens challenges are almost similar to ones on  TikTok but have a themed-lens incorporated.

The first challenge launched involves selecting a specific lens, and singing along Jingle Bells by Gwen Stefani.

To participate in the Snapchat challenge, open the app’s Lens Carousel, tap the smiley icon in order to access Lens Explorer, then choose the “Jingle Bells” challenge option, once done, send your Snap to the Gwen Stefani Challenge story.

Challenges have stomped social media platforms recently, like Drake's In My Feelings' Challenge and others. While most of these challenges are bizarre or even unsafe, they are a great way to gain engagement, create a social media presence, execute a creative campaign and attract traction.

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Online trends are a great way to sell any product, as people tend to "follow" those trends if it's "viral" online. Challenges may soon be or already is incorporated in social media campaigns for numerous brands as they heavily surface on platforms like YouTube, Instagram & TikTok.

Few may think that Snapchat is trying hard to stay relevant in today's date to cope with it's shrinking user-base, as Facebook & Instagram are soaring high by duplicating their pioneer feature, Stories. Although, Snapchat keeps coming out with innovative features, and still is popular among the younger generation.

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