Snapchat launches location-based feature, letting you custom-build target audience

Paawan Sunam
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Snapchat launches visitor re-engagement audiences option, a location-based feature. Location-targeting and filters have worked well in the past for advertisers and retailers, the new feature letting you custom-build tour target audience might show a high rate of conversion for retailers.

Advertisers or retailers with multiple locations can target them all with Snapchat's chain location targeting feature. The feature would build a radius around the specified locations letting the advertiser scale campaigns easily.

The platform has released several location-based advertising products recently that gave advertisers access to users' demographics, location categories, interests and more. Features providing such information, have proved to be a boon for several companies. Driving target numbers higher with low spends, due to target-specific customizations.

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Snapchat users must opt in to share their user-identifiable location, or opt out of targeting, in case they don't wish to share that information. The information would not be shared without the users' consent. Advertisers would only see an average of the results.

Recently, Solutions in a Snap, a video-series for advertisers, where experts from Snapchat share insights on advertising on the platform was launched. The app's demographic and customized advertising-services are attracting advertisers to use it as a marketing platform, to drive their conversion rates.

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