Social Samosa is proud to present the first edition of Indian Agency Awards

Social Samosa
Dec 28, 2018 05:10 IST
Indian agency awards

The countdown for the new year's eve has already begun. It's hard not to reminisce how 2018 passed by so quick and we are about to usher into 2019 with new resolutions and goals. Joining the bandwagon are we, Social Samosa, proud to announce our debut edition of Indian Agency Awards (IAA).

Every day we see hundreds of advertising agencies brewing a unique concoction of creativity and not-so-ordinary thinking to weave the piece of communication that manages to etch a forever mark. To honour and celebrate unsung heroes who have been and are mastering the art of clutter-breaking creative theories is the objective set for IAA slated to take place in March 2019.

The agencies will be judged across 25 categories and 14 individual awards accompanied with a 'Person Of the Year' whose dedication would make him/her win the race.

Nominations are open now till February 14, 2019. Next year will surely be the year to celebrate and give back to the creative industry. You can nominate yourself across the below mentioned categories: 

Agency Awards - Gold + Silver

  1. Performance Marketing Agency of the Year
  2. Digital Agency of the Year
  3. Media Agency of the Year
  4. Creative Agency of the Year
  5. Social Media Agency of the year
  6. Specialist Agency of the year
  7. Mobile Marketing Agency of the year
  8. Integrated Marketing Agency of the year
  9. Content marketing agency of the year
  10. Influencer Marketing Agency of the year
  11. SEO Agency of the Year
  12. Digital PR Agency of the Year
  13. Network Agency of the year
  14. Independent Agency of the year
  15. Agency network of the year
  16. Ad Network of the year
  17. Agency of the Year - North
  18. Agency of the Year - South
  19. Agency of the Year - West
  20. Agency of the Year - East
  21. Thriving Agency Culture
  22. Rising Star of the Year
  23. Disruptive Agency of the Year
  24. Monumental Agency of the Year
  25. Buzzing Agency of the Year

Individual Awards

  1. Agency Head of the year/CEO - Network/Independent/Creative/Performance/Specialist
  2. HR Person of the year
  3. Young Achiever of the year
  4. Network Head of the year
  5. Digital Marketing Person of the year
  6. BD person of the year
  7. Media Planner of the year
  8. Content Marketing person of the year
  9. Analyst of the year
  10. Strategist of the year
  11. Creative Person of the year
  12. Account Director of the Year
  13. Social Media Person of the Year
  14. Influencer Marketing Person of the Year

Now is the time to act; nominations for individuals open here. Nominations for agencies open here. Stay tuned in for more updates around IAA.

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