#SocialThrowback 2018: Top 10 Most Engaging Brands in India on Twitter

Top brands twitter 2018

While brands across industries make efforts to engage their audience on the platform, Twitter sheds the spotlight on the Top 10 brands based on engagement that shined throughout the year and rose above the rest. 

In 2018, Indian brands on Twitter raised the bar for consumer engagement through innovative and inspirational brand campaigns. From driving brand awareness to product launches, brands in India adopted an always-on approach to cultivate a deep, meaningful relationship with their customers.


Claiming five spots in the list of Top 10 Most Engaging Brands in India, mobile phone brands lead the way for brand engagement on Twitter in 2018. Honor India (@HiHonorIndia) emerged as the Most Engaging brand, with its Diwali campaign #YeDiwaliHonorWali Tweet promoting the #Honor9N & #HonorPlay garnering close to 20K Retweets to become its Top Retweeted Tweet.

Samsung Mobile India  (@SamsungMobileIN) took the second place, with its emotive video Tweet announcing the partnership with Asha Ek Hope foundation gaining the most Retweets.

OnePlus India (@OnePlus_IN) stands strong due to its promotions of the OnePlus 5 and 6 variants, followed by Xiaomi India (@XiaomiIndia) and Motorola India (@motorolaindia) respectively. State Bank of India (@TheOfficialSBI) claimed the sixth spot, with its exemplary use of Twitter to make announcements that impacted audiences, whereas  Wipro (@Wipro) owned the seventh place with updates regarding organisational growth and #WOOLmagazine. Amazon India (@amazonIN) secured the eighth position, with the#ShareforOnePlus6 campaign. The rest of the list was closed by Tata Sky (@TataSky) with its #Wishbox initiative, and Mercedes-Benz India (@MercedesBenzInd), thanks to its innovative Twitter gamification challenge.

Sr.No Top 10 Most Engaging Brands in India Top Retweeted Tweet
1 Honor India @HiHonorIndia https://twitter.com/HiHonorIndia/status/1054307418270769152
2 Samsung Mobile India @SamsungMobileIN https://twitter.com/SamsungMobileIN/status/1040558278378434560
3 OnePlus India @OnePlus_IN https://twitter.com/OnePlus_IN/status/956232702889484289
4 Xiaomi India @XiaomiIndia https://twitter.com/XiaomiIndia/status/963683972810268672
5 Motorola India @motorolaindia https://twitter.com/motorolaindia/status/1001118140653187073
6 State Bank of India @TheOfficialSBI https://twitter.com/TheOfficialSBI/status/973458588688637952
7 Wipro @Wipro https://twitter.com/Wipro/status/993531855252025346
8 Amazon India @amazonIN https://twitter.com/amazonIN/status/989165874547515392
9 Tata Sky @TataSky https://twitter.com/TataSky/status/1033203942900019207
10 Mercedes-Benz India @MercedesBenzInd https://twitter.com/MercedesBenzInd/status/996333413580800000


Video continued to be the flavour of the year, with an increasing number of brands opting for different formats of video to visually showcase their products and services, driving up audience engagement.

At the top position, Google India (@GoogleIndia) outranked other brands across categories, with its exemplary use of video for audience engagement. The launch of the Pixel 2 featuring Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) for example, earned the brand over 3.35M video views on Twitter. Samsung Mobile India (@SamsungMobileIN) claimed the next spot with its effective use of video to announce collaborations through emotive storytelling, while Honor India (@HiHonorIndia) secured the third place with sales announcements through snappy videos. The fourth and fifth places were taken by auto brands Maruti Suzuki Nexa (@NexaExperience) and Tata Motors (@TataMotors), with their top video Tweets themed around #WorldOfNEXABlue initiative and unveiling of #TataHarrier’s name respectively. At the sixth spot, Motorola India (@motorolaindia) shared a video highlighting thedual rear-camera setup and unique modes and effects of the Moto G6 camera. Up next, the video Tweet by Flipkart (@Flipkart) in collaboration with Mahesh Babu, Telugu Cinema actor to promote the Big Billion Days sale generated considerable amount of buzz. LG India (@LGIndia) claimed the second last spot by involving their target audience through a conversational video ad asking Twitter users to select the best feature of the LG Smart TV. Vistara (@airvistara) captured the attention of Twitter users with its 2018 brand film featuring Deepika Padukone as she shared her flying experience with Vistara. Lastly, HeroMotoCorp (@HeroMotoCorp) built great engagement by giving Twitter users real time access to the launch event of Xtreme 200R.

Sr.No Top 10 Brands based on Video Views Top Retweeted Video Tweet
1 Google India @GoogleIndia https://twitter.com/GoogleIndia/status/956398927980343296
2 Samsung Mobile India @SamsungMobileIN https://twitter.com/SamsungMobileIN/status/1040558278378434560
3 Honor India @HiHonorIndia https://twitter.com/HiHonorIndia/status/1049729287211950081
4 Maruti Suzuki Nexa @NexaExperience https://twitter.com/NexaExperience/status/987718643000655872
5 Tata Motors @TataMotors https://twitter.com/TataMotors/status/1017014241398624256
6 Motorola India @motorolaindia https://twitter.com/motorolaindia/status/1007879437184991233
7 Flipkart @Flipkart https://twitter.com/Flipkart/status/1047808271619379200
8 LG India @LGIndia https://twitter.com/LGIndia/status/966599556841517056
9 Vistara @airvistara https://twitter.com/airvistara/status/959399958783827968
10 Hero MotoCorp @HeroMotoCorp https://twitter.com/HeroMotoCorp/status/958228433925955584


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One of the most prominent industries to actively engage with audiences is the auto sector. With Auto Expo kicking the year off, brands amped up their efforts to drive conversations with Indian consumers in 2018. Topping the chart, Mercedes-Benz India (@MercedesBenzInd) indulged fans on Twitter through innovative ways, like challenging them to test their speed quotient with Twitter gamification to win exciting prizes.

With people logging into Twitter to connect with companies for a variety of reasons, brands are now looking at unique and relevant ways of reaching out to their audiences on the platform. Notably, Mahindra (@MahindraRise) and Maruti Suzuki (@maruti_corp) adopted a multi-prong handle strategy, as a way to cater to different customer needs and succeeded in ramping up their engagement levels. While the aggregate of brand-related handles propelled Mahindra (@MahindraRise) to the second spot, Maruti Suzuki Nexa (@NexaExperience) established itself at the third position.

Hyundai India (@HyundaiIndia) and Tata Motors @TataMotors rounded up the list at the fourth and fifth spots respectively.

Sr.No Top 5 Most Engaging Auto Brands in India Top Retweeted Tweet
1 Mercedes-Benz India @MercedesBenzInd https://twitter.com/MercedesBenzInd/status/996333413580800000
2 Mahindra @MahindraRise** https://twitter.com/MahindraRise/status/1024939748656209920
3 Maruti Suzuki Nexa @NexaExperience** https://twitter.com/NexaExperience/status/987718643000655872
4 Hyundai India @HyundaiIndia https://twitter.com/HyundaiIndia/status/971463580796182528
5 Tata Motors @TataMotors https://twitter.com/TataMotors/status/1017014241398624256


People expect direct customer service from brands through Twitter today, and those who are able to exceed customer expectations, are featured in our Top 5 most engaging BSFI brands list. State Bank of India (@TheOfficialSBI) emerged top of the list, followed closely by Yes Bank (@YESBANK) and Paytm (@Paytm). Bajaj Allianz Life (@BajajAllianzLIC) andHDFC Ltd. (@HomeLoansByHDFC) took the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Leveraging the live, conversational and public nature of Twitter, BFSI brands are utilising the platform to keep their audiences abreast of the latest developments in the industry as well as their individual organisations.

Sr.No Top 5 Most Engaging BFSI Brands in India Top Retweeted Tweet
1 State Bank of India @TheOfficialSBI https://twitter.com/TheOfficialSBI/status/973458588688637952
2 Yes Bank @YESBANK https://twitter.com/YESBANK/status/953634594292666372
3 Paytm @Paytm https://twitter.com/Paytm/status/1030776471978168322
4 Bajaj Allianz Life @BajajAllianzLIC https://twitter.com/BajajAllianzLIC/status/984341830362775552
5 HDFC Ltd. @HomeLoansByHDFC https://twitter.com/HomeLoansByHDFC/status/1050296073913135104