How a new brand in Kochi created a footing with WhatsApp marketing

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How a new brand in Kochi created a footing with WhatsApp marketing

MonQo, a local, Milkshakes & Burgers leveraged a WhatsApp campaign to compete with the big players.

Brand Introduction

MonQo was launched in Kochi to serve Milkshakes & Burgers. The Q in MonQo intentionally stands tall. It stands for the Quality of our milkshakes & burgers.


The task was to tell the town to taste the best milkshakes. The brand was present on all channels where the millennials hanged out and stocked up our Facebook & Instagram channels. But the channel that worked out the best for the brand was WhatsApp.

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Creative Idea

MonQo claims that Indians spend over 89% of online time on mobile and WhatsApp is the most popular app among users. The brand launched a campaign where users registered & voted to participate in the contest. All via WhatsApp.

The participants were made to feel special by creating & sharing personalized cards with them. Again, via WhatsApp.



publive-image publive-image

They had to forward these cards on their WhatsApp groups and get votes. A vote is registered for the participant if his/her card is WhatsApped to MonQo business account. Every person who voted was given an option to opt-in for future offers & discounts.


Over 418 participants brought in close to 7472 opt-ins for offers & discounts and over 9708 texts on the brand’s WhatsApp account within 3 days.


The word about MonQo spread fast. Foodies flocked into stores. They tasted our milkshakes, loved them and wrote reviews. MonQo had over 78% higher walk-ins in-store.



The campaign had a huge positive effect the online orders from Swiggy, Zomato & UberEats.


"More than the jump in sales, the Kochi users identified MonQo with innovation. Be it the channel we used or the message we delivered — We personalized it for our customers. MonQo wasn’t a regular brand anymore for them, we spoke their language and we were present in their mobiles," the brand spokesperson said.


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