YouTube is rolling out Autoplay for Home Feed

Paawan Sunam
New Update

YouTube is rolling out YouTube Autoplay on Home, automatically playing videos on your home feed to provide a better previewing experience.

The new default would be rolled out on both Android and iOS. Users would have an option to turn it off or turn it on when connected to Wi-Fi. The preview would be played without sound.

The new feature being rolled out is to provide easier ways to preview videos and watch YouTube on-the-go. It was previously available on YouTube Premium.
YouTube is flooded with videos, so which one to watch is always a puzzled thought. Previews might reduce the contemplation as glimpses of the video might inform the viewer of its content and the viewer can take a well-informed decision.

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These creators can also include captions in these previews. As captions open doors to a larger audience like who are hard of hearing or who don't know the language spoken in the video. There are three types of captions available for creators: automatic, creator-uploaded and crowd-sourced.

The thumbnail would be shown off for a bit, as creators spend a lot of time curating it and then auto-playing the video. The preview might raise the already high engagement on YouTube and boost views.
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