Agency Feature: Freshbox Media

Freshbox Media

Who are we?

We are a complete service marketing company. Be it Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing or a branding exercise we believe relevant Content is essential, irrespective of the platform or medium. Based out of Thane, we started off in February 2015. From a 5 member in 2015 to 32 members in 2018, we’ve come a long way. We are now expanding into other sectors after successfully spreading our wings in the healthcare & insurance sectors.

FreshBox Media (FBM) is founded by Kajal Kothari (Director) & Susheel Garg (Director) who come with a cumulative experience of 12 years in the field of Sales & Marketing. Their experience helps them precisely gauge the pulse of the clients to deliver exactly what is required. Along with them, we have 30+ odd people which include coders, strategists, designers, animators, business enhancers and many others. It is a fine balance of experienced professionals & Fresh enthusiasts. We all are nourished with a single ingredient in mind “Whatever we do should be to the best of our efforts” Also, we recently bagged an award as the “Most admired Upcoming agency of the year 2018”

What’s in the name?

While brainstorming for the agency name, we tripped upon the idea of what the Client wants. Along with the brief, the client always says “Hey, Come up with Fresh ideas, we do not want to do the mundane things or Think out of the Box for our brand. That’s how FreshBox Media Pvt. Ltd was born.

What do we do?

We are a full-service company. Branding, Web & App Development, Video Development, Social Media Marketing SEO, SEM, PPC, Brand launch strategy

Why we do it?

Our industry isn’t for the people who like it monotonous. We are passionate to do what we do and wouldn’t want to do anything else. Brainstorming on different ideas, brands Strategies & platforms in a day give us the much-needed kick to do something really challenging & out of the box.

How we evolve?

Evolution is mandatory for everybody to be in the circuit, be it this industry or any other. Most of the people working in this organisation come with Rich experiences & varied backgrounds i.e. experienced professionals & fresh enthusiasts. A balance of both the tribes keeps us informed & experimental. Following the experts, a lot of newsletter subscriptions, following industry case studies and experiments help us evolve.

Social responsibility in social media

A large number of people consume content on social media every day. As a company, we have always been cautious of the content we post or share on our social media handles or our clients’ so as to not hurt any sentiments, be it brands or organizations or groups or mislead their followers. Our Social responsibility as a brand or as an individual here is to always verify the facts before we share or post on our pages. We also have our social media policy in place for the same.

Need of the hour

What would you call a page with 50k followers but no tractions on their posts? Sounds absurd, right? It’s high time for people/brands to not encourage or demand sponsored followers as it definitely does not help the brand in the long run. The Need of the hour is focusing on creating relevant content for the relevant audience to increase organic engagement.

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We learned the hard way

We believe everybody learns the hard way if it was the easier way there was no learning.

Did we just share that?

There are many amazingly weird experiences we’ve had with our clients, but will control our emotions as our clients might just read this

They work with us

A good Chunk of them: We’ve worked with Almost all the Pharmaceutical companies based out of Mumbai & outside Mumbai like Cipla, Sun, Alkem, Dr. Reddys and many more, Insurance Companies Bharti Axa Life Insurance, Aditya Birla Capital, Talent management Companies, The Anti Corruption Bureau,Thane, few BPO’s , startups F&B joints and many more.

Industry as we foresee

The industry is changing every day. Brands have become more experimental with technology coming into the picture. With this, the ever-competitive industry is getting more competitive

A day without Internet

Okay. So we’ve actually done this when our service provider failed to resolve our issue. A day without internet will start with a lot of calls to the internet provider followed by restlessness. If they do not come up with a solution then we actually celebrate a “No Internet Day” for the entire team. We chose to chill in our office doing some engagement activities or playing some board games or clicking some good pictures or even better, eating pizzas, watching our bosses secretly wanting for the internet to resume.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always on the hunt for talents.