With BJP's #5yearchallenge, 2019 General Elections to see political war of memes

Hitesh Rajwani
Jan 18, 2019 09:57 IST

Unlike General Elections 2014, the Political Battle this time would be fought with Memes, Video Sketches, Personalization at Scale over and above plain manifesto/grass root level campaigning.

The infamous BJP IT / Social Media Cell leveraged an ongoing Meme Trend to draw a parallel between 5 Years of Governance during Congress / BJP Rule. The #5YearChallenge covers a range of topics like Inflation, Infrastructure, Sanitation, Safety etal.

The Campaign found strength with BJP Leaders seeding content on similar lines

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Another layer of support came from Category B Influencers on Twitter who seemed to have received content from Namo App

The trend seems to have picked up with generic content floating in around #5YearChallenge.

Though it looks like a great start for BJP Social Media Cell, the challenge comes across as a double-edged sword wherein the opposition has an equal opportunity to hit back with contrasting content while sticking to the theme. Since the Indian National Congress Party has managed to revamp their Social Media Strategy with hard-hitting Memes.

All eyes on INC and Congress Leaders handles to see if they can turn the tables and hijack this #5YearChallenge

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