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A new year gift from us to you is our Social Samosa Social Media Calendar 2019, imbibing marquee occasions, festivals, and events in the new year as an accessory that helps you nail your marketing game. 

They say marketing is where the magic is! Every moment counts, especially today when the world is changing so fast and at a much faster pace each day. 2018 was the year when brands left no stone unturned in leveraging monumental days like decriminalization of Section 377 by the apex court or the famous DeepVeer wedding - there was creativity pouring all over social media

With digital proving to be an efficient platform for marketers and agencies, enabling them come up with upbeat advertising content, it has become an inevitable ritual to create a content calendar in advance.

While we prep up to step into the new year with new goals, it is very important to keep track of the right occasions and market to the right audience.

Brand Managers, Marketers, and Social Media Agency Professionals keep an eye on the calendar to find the sweet spot between the most relevant opportunities. Thereby with all the learnings from the past and experiences from the gone year, it is time to get some serious planning for the upcoming year to achieve what you wish for.

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As you set out to conquer new Brand Goals, we attempt to help you scale the highest mountains. 

Social Samosa Social Media Content Calendar highlights marquee occasions, festivals, and events to help you plan long-term campaigns or short burst creatives in the nick of time.

Highlighting significant days to much-awaited festivals, Industry Awards, and Birthdays of mass celebrities across Bollywood, Sports, and Entertainment, the Social Media Content Calendar have got you all covered!

Download the calendar below:

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