Facebook is shutting down Moments, it’s standalone photo-sharing app

Facebook Moments

Facebook Moments, the app used to create and share albums with friends and family launched back in 2015 is shutting down.

Moments never blew as a standalone app. Which is also the reason, why Facebook is calling it quits with Moments. They stated, that not sufficient people were using it, for it to keep going.

On the other hand, Facebook concentrated more on its in-app features like Stories and never really pushed Moments with new features or updates.

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Current Moments’ users (if there are any) can export their photos from the app till before 25 February. If you create private Facebook albums, you’ll see a link next to each moment below that’s ready to view as an album on Facebook.

If you have files that are available to download, you’ll see them here along with the file size. To download a file, you’ll need to enter your Facebook password. Use this link to export.



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