Facebook is using Stories to promote Events

Facebook Stories Update

Facebook Stories Update – Facebook is testing a new feature on Stories to share Events. The stories would come with tappable stickers revealing event details and a link to the event page.

The test will run on both iOS and Android platforms in the US, Brazil, and Mexico.

Friends can tap themselves as “interested” or “going” from within the story; the link in the story would direct the user to the event page and a way to start a group chat on Messenger with the ones who responded.

The company said in May 2018 that Stories have 150 million daily active users and as of October 2018, Facebook has 1.15 billion mobile daily active users.

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Stories X Events might be a simpler and efficient way to coordinate with friends. Events, usually used for birthdays, concerts, festivals, social events, and more are still famed for outspreading happenings.

Though Stories just has a fraction of users from the total of Facebook’s users, they still are a lot and might boost Stories too. Facebook has been struggling with the youth, as Snapchat and Instagram gain popularity in that age group. The new feature makes Facebook stories a tad bit more engaging.