Infographic: Interesting Cybercrime statistics from around the world

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Cybercrime statistics

Cybercrime has become more compound than just posers creating fake accounts. The following infographic offers insights on everything you need to know about cybercrime and its punishments around the world.

As technology is getting more and more integrated into our lifestyle, it is also important to be aware of the vices latched on to it. Cybercrime is increasing at a threatening rate around the globe and the second most reported crime in the world.

Online frauds, illegitimate transactions and influencing politics is not the end of cybercrime. 24% of cybercriminals come from the US, which is also the highest among other countries.

Companies have been investing more and more lately in cybersecurity, global corporations and multinationals too. Millions of accounts being hacked on social media platforms like Twitter would be considered a small instance compared to an estimate of 145.5 million accounts being hacked of Equifax and 145 million accounts being hacked on EBay.

Catwright King Solicitors has compiled an infographic which shows everything from the costs, to where it's happening, cybercrime cases, consequences and more. Take a look at some interesting Cybercrime statistics and facts.

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