Select Instagram users surprised with Instagram Memories

One of Facebook's popular features, Memories, has been replicated by its sister brand with Instagram Memories. Did you get a notification?

Jagruti Verma
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Instagram Memories

Last week, a few Instagramers woke up to notifications about pictures they had uploaded a year ago (or more) on the platform. Upon tapping on, they realised that one of Facebook's popular features, Memories, has been replicated by its sister brand, Instagram with Instagram Memories.

Memories came to life last year on Facebook, essentially displaying an archive of old posts for users to re-share. It helped highlight just how much time users have spent on the platform — some posts being re-shared were about a decade old! Recently, there have been attempts by the platform to integrate this feature into the stories section by nudging people to share old images as stories instead of posts. So, when last week this phenomenon was replicated for Instagram (through stories), it wasn't a shocker.

However, what's interesting is that not all users seem to have gotten the notification yet and these are not an everyday occurrence like Facebook. There are two interesting things this factor could reflect — people tend to post every day on Facebook but the frequency is lesser on Instagram. And, that while Instagram is getting more and more popular by the day, the amount of history of posts per person is lower, if compared. To be fair, these are mere speculations and we would definitely keep a close watch to know if they turn out to be true.

For now, adieu. Do dwell on this interesting tweet we found for you!

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