#TopicalSpot: YouTube, Domino's, and more really, really, really want you to see this

Paawan Sunam
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really really really brand creatives

Brands have been really, really, really, really, really keeping up with topical posts to make their marketing really, really, well you get the point, interesting. 

Oreo, YouTube, Domino's, Starbucks, Netflix and more truly and undeniably want their audience to take notice of their existence. So they hold every trending topic's hand and let their adverts fly, with the hope that it would shoot their products' sales to the moon.

Commenting on this newly discovered trend in the world of advertising, Anuradha Aggarwal, Ex-CMO, Marico opined, "I think brands have to find a space which is true to them and what they stand for and only go and talk about those trends. Brands which go and try to talk about every trend all the time, generally don't associate with anything strongly and don't make a place in the consumers' mind, as opposed to brands which are specific and purposeful with their consumer engagement."

Though, there's no denying that in light-hearted topical posts brands have integrated the messaging of their products smartly.

Take a look at these really, really, really brand creatives.

Oreo Cookie

How about I take both of you out?

YouTube India

Never, if it's nice, otherwise thumb's cold like ice.

Amazon PrimeVideo India

Rs.129 per month or Rs.999 per year.

Domino's Pizza

No. Nope. Naw. Nay. Negative.

P.S. Never.


And Keanu Reeves.

One Plus

Pedal to the Metal.

Starbucks Coffee

Like, really.

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And to see the NHL All-Star Game this Saturday.

And correct your Subject-Verb agreement errors.


Do you want me to call Dad?


And want to know when is Black Mirror Season 5 releasing.

NY Public Library

Twitter's character limit wouldn't be able to do justice.

Random House

Maybe more.

Benefit Cosmetics US

'Cause girl you're amazing, just the way you are.

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